Spotting And Cramping After Period, Then Thick White Discharge?
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Spotting And Cramping After Period, Then Thick White Discharge?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar... I ended my period on the 15th and started light spotting on the 18th, it was light pink, and on the 19th it turned into a brownish/red and became more heavy (more like the first day of my period) then returned to the light pink and went away. Today (the 24th) I have a thick white, odorless discharge. I have had cramps since the spotting started. I have also had a headache and been getting dizzy very easily. I also feel like I have to pee all the time, even if I just went to the bathroom. I had sex with my fiance the week before my period but not during. Is it possible that I am pregnant? If so, how soon could I test? or do you think it is something else. Any help is appreciated!

Asked by Kate Powers on Oct 24, 2010

2 Answers

Megan Sheldon   L3: Expert   79 answers   +81 votes
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Hi Kate!

Typically, odorless brownish discharge (where there may be blood, but not necessarily) is old blood.  It can be discharged before or after a period, and may cause cramping at some point.

Pregnancy is absolutely a possibility.  Some women will have some brownish discharge after the first week of conception, so you can't rule out pregnancy; however, you probably wouldn't start experiencing the need to urinate frequently while the baby is still just an egg.  You should pay attention to any other cues your body gives you.  For example, your breasts may swell and feel sore, and the aerolas may darken. Pregnancy tests are best to be taken at least a day after your next period would typically begin.  You can always test even if you get your period (as some women continue menstruating during pregnancy). 

For your current situation, perhaps it would be a wise idea to just pay a visit to your gynocologist/doctor.  It's possible that there's absolutely nothing wrong, and you've just had a change in hormones this month, but you still want to rule out infections and all the rest.  :)

Take care, and good luck!


Posted on Oct 24, 2010
Norma MacLennan   L3: Expert   7 answers   +1 votes
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Megan offers sound advice.

The white discharge could be thrush but you would not normally get cramps.  As Megan suggests, a visit to your doctor may be a good idea.

Re pregnancy, there are several tests that can be done within a few weeks - 3 weeks or more.  Generaly though, you are at your most fertile approximately mid cycle, so roughly a fortnight, rather than the week before your period.  This does vary, so please check with your doctor.

Hope you feel better soon :o)

Posted on Feb 9, 2011

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